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Senegal is one of the most diverse and exciting countries in West Africa, there are so many interesting people to meet and things to see. Its not just its great natural attractions including six national parks and four reserves, a stunning coast line and access to some of the best deep sea fishing and scuba diving in West Africa, but also the people with their deep sense of hospitality, love of music and diverse culture that really endears Senegal to the hearts of its visitors. Stay in a great Senegal hotel, dine on some of the best foods in the country, and enjoy the world famous Senegalese hospitality.

The beat of Senegal is contagious, the rhythm of the country, unmistakable - come and experience the vibe of the country for yourself.

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Senegal has a diverse and interesting population with its citizens generally belonging to one of the following tribes: Wolof, Fulani, Serer, Toucouleur, Diola, or Mandigo, among others. The people of Senegal are warm, friendly and famously hospitable. Their sense of 'Teranga', the Wolof word for hospitality, is second to none.

The key to the local culture in Senegal is 'the gift of the gab'. The Senegalese people are notorious story tellers, and love nothing more than lengthy, in depth conversations about, well.. everything! A popular Wolof saying goes ' A man with a mouth is never lost', and when it comes to the Senegalese and their flare for fanciful conversation, truer words were never spoken.

There are so many things to see and do in Senegal. Spend a day bargaining in the marketplace; taking in the sombre history of the Isle de Goree or lounging on the beach in Saly. Spend your evenings dining on some of the best cuisine in Africa, and dancing the night away in one of the cities popular nightspots.

A visit to Africa is not complete without a safari to see the spectacular African animals. Parc national du Niokolo-koba is the most popular national park in Senegal to go on safari; and the best place to see Africa's large animals. There are a number of other national parks along the coastal region, best known for the outstanding birdlife that call the parks home. Many tours leave from Dakar, Senegals capital city.

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