Food & Cuisine in Senegal

Mealtimes often create some of the fondest memories for travellers, the aroma of fresh spices lingering in the air, and the sound of laughter and music flowing out to the streets from the busy restaurants. Senegalese cuisine is greatly influenced by its French colonial history, and its neighbouring countries, while still retaining a distinctly Senegalese taste.

While on the coast be sure to enjoy a freshly caught seafood meal at one of the many seaside restaurants.

Our Senegal Restaurant Guide below will give you insight into eating out in Senegal and the types of meals you are likely to encounter. If you want more information about things to see & do in Senegal, take a look at our Senegal Destination Guide.

We currently have restaurant listings in Petite Cote & Saly and Dakar & Saint Louis.

Food & Cuisine in Senegal

Senegalese cuisine is considered to be some of the best in all of Africa. Though greatly influenced by its many ethnic groups and neighbouring European cities, it still maintains its own unique flavours thanks to many spices and ingredients not available outside of Africa. Chicken, fish and rice are important staples, combining to make some absolutely delicious meals. As a predominately Muslim country, pork is generally not served.

We have listed a brief description of the some Senegalese favourites.


Tiebou Dienne - hot stuffed fish steaks with rice.

Chicken au yassa - chicken with lemon, pimento and onions.

Maffe - beef or lamb stew in peanut sauce.

Dem à la St Louis - Mullet stuffed with onions, peppers, tomatoes, and bread crumbs.


Bissap Juice - hibiscus flower juice/tea

Toufam - yoghurt thinned with sugared water

Mint Tea - Green tea with a hint of mint

Seafood in Senegal

Seafood is a main part of the staple diet of the Senegalese, especially among the fishing villages along the Atlantic Ocean coast line. Be sure to be at the night markets at the end of the day when the fishermen bring in the days catch for a scrumptious evening barbeque.