Transportation in Senegal

A number of international airlines fly regularly to Senegal landing at the Dakar airport, Dakar-Yoff-Leopold Sedar Senghor International Airport. There are numerous local airports scattered throughout Senegal too. There are many travel options once you have landed in Senegal. Car hire is available, though it can be rather expensive, and rather intimidating. Taxis are readily available, and with competition so steep the cost of the trip depends upon your bargaining skills. 

Take a ride on the local buses for an opportunity to meet the locals!

This Senegal Transportation Guide gives some details about the best ways of getting to and from the country, as well as the various options available to you for travel around Senegal after you have arrived.

More detailed city transportation options can be found by visiting the transportation guides available for each of the following cities or regions Dakar & Saint Louis and Petite Cote & Saly.

Senegal Transportation Guide

Getting to Senegal

By Air

Dakar-Yoff-Leopold Sedar Senghor International Airport is Senegal's International Airport. Air Senegal International is the national airline offering regular flights from Dakar to various cities across Senegal. Airlines from South Africa, America and Europe make stops at the airport.

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Flights to Senegal

Getting around Senegal

Driving in Senegal

There are many well know car hire services in Senegal. A valid driver's license is required to hire and drive all vehicles. Seatbelts are compulsory and it is illegal to talk on mobile phones whist driving. Roads in Senegal are generally in good condition, though once outside of the cities night driving is discouraged as lighting is rather poor. Insurance is highly recommended when hiring a car.

Buses in Senegal

An exciting way to get around in Senegal is by the local bus service.  Though the service can be rather crowded and a little manic, it is a great opportunity to meet the locals and see the country side. 

Trains in Senegal

Train services throughout Senegal have been cut in recent years due to track deterioration. The Dakar- Bamako train is the only service currently operating, though it is only departing every 8 to 9 days and is running to no set timetable.  The train leaves from Dakar train station stopping at various cities along the way including Thies, Tambacounda and Kayes before reaching Bamako, Mali approximately 2 days later. It has first and second class seating and sleeping compartments which sleep up to 4 people. A restaurant car is also available providing inexpensive drinks, snacks and meals.  Take plenty of drinking water with you as it often sells out.

By Sea in Senegal

Various passenger services leave from Dakar Harbour on a regular basis.  Two ferry companies services the link between Dakar and the Island of Goree. Services leave approximately every half an hour and take just 20 minutes to reach the Island.

There are also several private dugouts belonging to different associations that do the crossing to the island of Ngor from Dakar.

Dakar is connected to the Casamance region by the ship Wilis, departing twice weekly from Dakar arriving in Ziguinchor.  The ship has a capacity of approximately 460 passengers.  Armchairs, Beds and Cabins can be booked, and breakfast is offered to cabin passengers.

By Air in Senegal

There are a number of small airfields throughout Senegal that available to passenger airlines and Charter Flights. Air Senegal International offers regular flights to Ziguinchor, Cap Skirring, and Tambacounda from Dakar.

Airline Top

Air Senegal International
45, av. Albert Sarraut BP 8010 Dakar
Tel: +221 804 04 04

Airlines Top

Air France
47, Av. Hassan II BP 142, Dakar
Tel: 839 77 77 - 820 81 21
Fax: 839 77 44
South African Airways
Villa n°5, Route de l'aéroport Yoff Virage BP 29809, Dakar yoff
Tel: 869 40 00 - 869 50 18
Fax: 869 40 12

Car Hire Top

64, Rue Joseph Gomis X Amadou A. Ndoye BP 2302, Dakar
Tel: 822 20 16 - 821 56 23 - 889 81 81
Fax: 821 17 21
12, Avenue Hassan II BP 3708, Dakar
Tel: 849 52 53 - 822 46 88